Turnstile And Founding Guitarist Brady Ebert Announce They Will Be Parting Ways

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Less than a year after releasing their album, Glow On, Turnstile has announced that the band and its founding lead guitarist Brady Ebert would be parting ways. The band announced the news today via an Instagram Story.

“We are deeply grateful for our time together,” said the band. “Our love for him continues and we wish him nothing but the best moving forward.”

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Via Instagram/TurnstileLoveConnection

Ebert and the band’s lead vocalist Brendan Yates founded the band in Maryland in 2010. Over the years, they have released five EPs and three albums, and have supported acts like New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance on their tours.

The band has not offered any reasons as to why Turnstile and Ebert have chosen to part ways, however, in an interview with NME last month, Yates revealed that each of the members chooses to follow their instincts when making creative choices.

“Whether that means that the next record comes out next year, or comes out in 10 years,” Yates said, “or whether we play a million shows or don’t play for a long time, we try to always listen to where we’re at and listen to where our instinct is pulling us forward, and make sure that it feels like it’s something we want to be doing at all times. I think that’s why we never put any set bounds on the terms of cycles or campaigns or anything like that. When the stars align for things to happen, we follow them.”

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