Trump Has Been Spending PAC Donations On Some Strange Things, Including Legal Fees And ‘Fake News’ Subscriptions

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Donald Trump has always been able to raise money off his cash-strapped supporters, but he doesn’t always spend it the way he should. Sometimes he spends it on himself. His Save America PAC has been seeing record donations since the FBI searched the resort he now calls home. But a new report reveals that he’s actually been using it in some odd ways.

As per Insider, a financial disclosure made public Saturday shows that Trump’s PAC has spent $4 million of its riches. What on? Well, for one thing, he’s spent it on subscriptions to those news publications he’s long dubbed “Fake News.” He peeled off $17 for a subscription to The New York Times, and a whopping $100 on The Washington Post. There were more subscriptions, presumably so he can read the news before he asserts they’re false.

Perhaps the strangest donation was a mysterious, unexplained $650,000 to the Smithsonian. The least surprising was the nearly $1 million he spent on legal consultations — almost double what he shelled out for such services in June. Reasons for the massive uptick are unknown, but he sure does have plenty of legal woes, and he’s having trouble finding decent representation, in part because of his long history of stiffing contractors. But now we know at least some people are getting paid.

Donations are also going to the salaries of some top Trumpworld figures, including creepy-voiced Stephen Miller. Save America, indeed.

Trump’s PAC has spent about $25 million in 2022 so far, and it’s managed to raise $99 million through July. That’s a lot of money, but, according to Bloomberg, Trump can only spend $5,000 of it on his campaign per election. That means if he does announce a third presidential campaign, he’ll have to start from scratch — and may have to do so from jail.

(Via Insider)


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