Tom Cruise Spends His Birthday The Way You Imagine Tom Cruise Spends His Birthday

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If you find yourself lucky enough to be on Tom Cruise’s coveted holiday cake list, don’t even think about sending him a cake for his birthday.

Ahead of the release of Top Gun: Maverick, Deadline spoke to a group of directors who have worked with Cruise over the years, including Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow). He lived with Cruise while they were making 2017’s American Made. “After 40 or 50 straight days, we were coming up on July 4 weekend. It happens his birthday is July 3 and I’m thinking that since his birthday happened to fall on a holiday, maybe Tom will want to have a long weekend off to celebrate his birthday somewhere,” he said.

Liman asked Cruise if he was planning to go on vacation for his birthday. The actor replied, “No. I was thinking since we have the day off on July 3, we can use that time to have the eight-hour aviation meeting that we’ve been having trouble scheduling.”

“I am beyond tired and I’m like, ‘You want to have an eight-hour meeting on your birthday?’ He said, ‘Yes, that’s what I want for my birthday. I want to be making a movie. That’s the best birthday present.’ There was no blowing out candles, either. Cake? No, Tom doesn’t eat cake. You don’t get to look the way he looks, by eating birthday cake. You have to make a life choice there.”

Maybe he’ll make an exception for an astronaut ice cream cake while filming in space.

(Via Deadline)


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