TikTokers Are Telling Stories About Rude Celebrities And Here’s Who They Think Is The Rudest

Social media platform TikTok has dominated popular culture again this year. Whether it’s increasing the popularity of an already-established artist like Lizzo or boosting the profile of some of music’s emerging acts like Bronx rapper Ice Spice, users can’t seem to get enough of the site.

As musicians, including Dolly Parton, continue to flock to the application in droves, others might want to stir clear of the platform to preserve their public image. One user on the platform innocently uploaded a video asking other users to share the name of a celebrity that wasn’t so pleasant to them in real life. What happened next, the original poster might not have expected.

Users frantically stitched in their responses, and video after video, one singer found themselves in the hot seat. Unfortunately, the singer-turned-actress mentioned in each of these videos is none other than Jennifer Lopez. Although these nasty encounters are only alleged as users haven’t provided any supporting evidence, it doesn’t look good for Lopez’s public image as she is amid promotion for her upcoming album, This Is Me… Now.

Several users alleged Lopez would go behind her ex-husband Marc Anthony and current husband, Ben Affleck, to reduce the tips they had to give to service workers.

Another user recounted a secondhand story she heard about Lopez’s refusal to cooperate with a nail technician as she was receiving service.

While one user alleged Lopez sent them to the hospital after being clipped by her vehicle.

Another person shared that Lopez was a nightmare to drive, sharing two stories about Lopez’s history with a private car service where her father worked.


#stitch with @tristanstone74 j lo is a terrible human. Her personality matches her voice, trash. #celebrity #jlo #nasty

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Lastly, one user shared how the singer brushed her off during a traffic stop.

Lopez has not yet responded to the allegations.

Source: https://uproxx.com/pop/tiktokers-naming-rude-celebrities/