TikToker says he found camera in showerhead of his Airbnb—he never rented a spot

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A TikToker says that he found a camera in a showerhead at an Airbnb he stayed in. The creator says after posting the video, he received threatening texts, and the tires on his car were damaged. But commenters are doubtful, and Airbnb says he never booked a rental property.

Nathan Triska (@nathantriska) posted a TikTok on June 21 saying that he found a camera in the showerhead of his Airbnb. In the video he posted, the showerhead appears to have a flashing blue light. By Tuesday, Triska’s video had almost 3.5 million views.

In a statement to the Daily Dot, a representative for Airbnb said an account associated with Triska had never made a rental booking.

Triska posted a follow-up video on Sunday saying that he messaged his Airbnb host and did not receive a response. The TikToker says he then received a text message telling him that he would “regret” posting the TikTok about the showerhead and that his tires and the rim of his car were damaged.

It wasn’t immediately clear who Triska says texted him. By Tuesday, Triska’s follow-up video had over 1.5 million views.

“BE SAFE OUT THERE YALL BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT CAN HAPPEN,” Triska wrote in the second TikTok’s caption.

@nathantriska #stitch with @nathantriska ♬ original sound – ❤️Nathan Triska 🔥

In a comment on his first video about the Airbnb rental, Triska says that he has stayed at the property before and never noticed the blue flashing light, which he thinks is a camera. He also commented saying that he tried to open the showerhead but wasn’t able to.

Commenters on Triska’s follow-up video advised him to take legal action.

“Get a lawyer,” @negro_487 commented.

“Go to the police,” @juliatalbert wrote.

“Lawyer, police, PI,” @aleuandzeni commented. “Please stay safe.”

Others weren’t so sure that Triska’s car damage was connected to the Airbnb incident.

“The tire is from a burst bubble in the sidewall, likely caused by a pothole, which explains the rim cracking as well,” @gankwilliamsjr commented.

“That’s not from a slashed tire. That’s a sidewall blow out from hitting a pot hole. Also where the cracked rim came from,” @johnsnaxx wrote.

“That is a bubble on the tire, happens from impacts (pot holes),” @componthis392 commented.

Some didn’t believe Triska’s story at all.

“A lot of these events seem to keep coming upon you. Like is it a skit, staged?? Just wondering,” @mackie_fresh commented.

“Idk if you’re creating your own chaos or not,” @yur0divy wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Triska and Airbnb via email.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/airbnb-showerhead-camera/