TikTok Career Coach Reveals The Hidden Job Market Secrets

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She’s been a career coach for just over 20 years, and she left her position as a corporate recruiter in 2001 because she saw a real need for accessible and actually helpful career advice. “I was working with all these people who, if they just had a little coaching, they could have been so much more place-able, and we could have had so many more people in jobs. And that really bothered me.”

I noticed that school wasn’t teaching this and that a lot of people are getting misinformation. So I left and decided to become a career coach. And if you fast-forward 20 years, my whole mission has been to level the playing field, to give people the information they need to give them access to really good career coaching.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/meganeliscomb/hidden-job-market-tiktok

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