‘Those better be special gummies’: Customer finds out gummy bears in hotel’s mini bar cost $28

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No matter where you stay, there’s one thing that’s generally true about hotels: the mini bar is overpriced. One woman recently illustrated just that when she revealed a jar of gummy bears in her hotel costs $28.

In a video with over 134,000 views, TikTok creator Katelyn Nassar (@katelynfletcher) shows herself debating purchasing a jar of gummy bears, only to be taken aback by their exorbitant cost.

“When you’re getting ready in your hotel room and want something sweet so you reach for the gummy bears in the mini-bar to find out the gummy bears cost $28,” Katelyn wrote in the text overlaying the video.

@katelynfletcher sos i just got ROBBED #vacation #minibar #wtf ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

In 2014, TripAdvisor’s Tripindex surveyed mini bar prices around the world. The results were shocking. For example, one might anticipate a can of nuts to be more expensive in a hotel than in a grocery store, but they might not expect the price would reach $18.23, which is the average price for a can of nuts in Toronto hotels at the time of publication.

The Daily Dot reached out to Katelyn via email. In the comment section of her video, some users shared their own experiences dealing with high hotel prices.

“In a hotel in Moscow a water bottle was 45 dollars,” recalled a user. “I almost drank it.”

Others simply marveled at the high price of the gummy bears shown by Katelyn.

“Those better be special gummies,” wrote a commenter.

“I thought they were gonna be ‘fun’ gummies,” echoed another.

“The jar alone would have me in a chokehold,” stated a third.

As Katelyn noted in a comment, the small amount of gummy bears paired with the high price means that a customer would be paying “LIKE A DOLLAR PER GUMMY BEAR.”

A few users offered suggestions on how the high price can be avoided.

“Just refill the jar with the same gummy bears,” said a user.

“Take the gummy bears out of the jar and leave the jar behind,” advised an additional commenter.

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