‘This video isn’t the flex you think it is fam’: Woman ‘pretty womans’ Dior after worker allegedly disrespects her mom, sparking debate

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A TikToker has gone viral and sparked considerable debate after posting a video in which she claims a sales associate at a Dior location disrespected her mother.

According to user Amjea (@nahtyourbby), her mother had previously entered the Dior location but was ignored by a sales associate for 10 minutes and “refused to show her the things she was asking for,” which Amjea claims was due to the way her mother was dressed. According to Amjea, the sales associate must have thought her mother was “completely poor.”

After Amjea’s mom shared the incident with her, Amjea says she suggested that the two return together. The second time around, Amjea says they were taken care of by a different sales associate, who Amjea describes as better than the first.

They are seated, given coffees, and encouraged to shop and explore while their orders are being prepared, the video shows. When they go to pick up their final order, Amjea says that the original sales associate congratulated their new sales associate “in a really sarcastic way” as they make a commission on the items they sell.

This video has sparked debate, with many commenters questioning why Amjea, who has 45,000 followers, would shop at a store that she claims “disrespected” her mother. On the other side, some users attempted to explain the behavior of the sales associate.

The video currently has over 7 million views.

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At first, users questioned the decision to continue to support this Dior location after facing treatment Amjea described as disrespectful.

“Why spend money at companies that don’t respect you?” one highly voted commenter asked.

“It’s not ok. Your way of defending your mom was going back and buying more. That was weak,” another agreed.

Other users interpreted this video to be Amjea disrespecting people without the financial means that she and her mother have.

“Ugh can you believe they thought we were POOR,” one user joked.

“OMG, she had to wait for 10 minutes?” another user asked with a laughing emoji.

An additional share of users claimed that this may have instead been a sales tactic on the part of the sales associate.

“It’s a tactic they use so that you will buy more to ‘show them’ that you belong and that you can afford it,” one commenter wrote.

“And that’s why their sales strategy works. You fell for it,” another alleged.

“Sales associates do this to get more sales,” a third claimed. “We are taught to do things like that.”

To this comment, however, Amjea responded, “Didn’t feel like this. Felt more racially charged.”

While many commented on Amjea’s affluence, she posted several follow-up videos in which she acknowledges her privileged position and details how she made the money she currently has.

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To summarize, she says she got her financial start helping students with their homework and assisting them with crafting college admissions essays.

Today, she says she earns $110,000 annually in addition to equity while working for Tapcart.

There were also some commenters who fully supported Amjea, with many referencing the film Pretty Woman.

“You missed a prime, ‘Big mistake. HUGE’ opportunity,” a user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dior and Amjea via email.

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