Things Get Trippy In The New ‘Atlanta’ Season Four Teaser Trailer

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Atlanta s4

The critically-acclaimed FX series Atlanta returned earlier this year for its highly-anticipated third season after various COVID-related delays halted production for nearly two years. While they were filming the third season, Donald Glover confirmed that they would be shooting the fourth and final season back to back so that fans wouldn’t have to wait several years to see the show’s conclusion. As it turns out, the final season is heading to screens sooner than expected.

Season four of the genre-bending TV show will head to FX in September, and presumably, leave us with more questions than answers as they wrap up the show for good. For most of the final two seasons, most of the production took place in Europe, meaning there will be more interesting episodes that touch on both important social issues as well as cannibalism. You never really know with this show!

The first teaser brings back old easter eggs from past episodes, like the ostrich egg and the invisible car. While details about the final season are sparse, earlier this year Zazie Beetz told Deadline that the final season will continue to explore themes of identity among the group. “I think in Season 4, there’s a continuation of identity searching. That is a lifelong journey I think, and it takes on a bit of another context.”

The show stars Beetz alongside Glover, LaKeith Stanfield, and Brian Tyree Henry. The final episodes are set to air in September. Check out the teaser above.


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