‘They do everything but close for the day’: Worker says they had to write down customers’ card numbers when Wi-Fi went out to charge them later

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Businesses that rely on customers will generally only close for the day in the face of a setback as a last resort. And while that’s understandable to a certain extent, one TikToker’s account of an incident at his own job has people side-eying the situation.

Marc (@marcswrld) shared a video that just featured him looking wild-eyed at the camera as pre-existing audio from Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 exclaimed “Kill me! Go get a hammer, then come back and kill me with it!”

“The Wi-Fi is out at my work and my manager is making us write down peoples card #’s to charge them later because our system isn’t working to put in orders like it’s the 1980’s or something,” he explained via text overlay.

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Although Marc didn’t specify where he was working in the video, other posts on his page suggest he works at a restaurant. And not being able to process payments seems like a pretty major issue for any business serving customers in that manner.

Viewers weren’t necessarily surprised that the restaurant didn’t opt to shut down in light of technical difficulties, but they were frustrated on Marc’s behalf.

“They do everything but close for the day,” wrote @chan5990.

“Absolutely not I would of left and clocked out for the day,” @marisssa.j added.

Others expressed concerns over the legality of something like that, with one viewer saying, “If I went somewhere and the person asked to write down my card info I’d leave so fast absolutely no.”

In fact, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard sets rules and regulations for companies that accept credit card payments, including a requirement that complete credit card numbers with related data, such as the cardholder name and card expiration date, are never to be written down.

But apparently this isn’t an isolated incident at Marc’s job, as several other viewers chimed in with similar stories.

“We’ve done this at my job and multiple cards decline when we run them later,” @elongatedgluteusjudith admitted.

Marc did follow up and say the system was only down for an hour, but “any longer I was planning on just leaving.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @marcswrld via TikTok comment.

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