‘The White Lotus’ Baddie Theo James Explained Why He’s Not Interested In Being The Next James Bond

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Theo James rose to Hollywood fame as a franchise guy (in the Divergent YA adaptation), so it stands to reason that he’s not exactly jumping at the chance to leap back into a tied-down role. He’s also not interested in any “f*cking boring” characters, which is not to say that James Bond is boring. Played out in his ongoing incarnation, though? Perhaps. James visited with Jess Cagle for SiriusXM, and The White Lotus flasher waved away any rumors that he could be the next James Bond.

Those are not new rumors for many actors. Aaron Taylor Johnson seems to be a distinct possibility for 007 after Daniel Craig went onto more varied pastures, including portraying the delightful Benoit Blanc for Rian Johnson. As for James, he firmly believes that some reinvention is in order:

“You know, I honestly think with the, I’m a big fan of, of this, the concept of it. And I love, you know, Casino Royale. I love some of the Sean Connery movies, but I think they need to do something else. Do you know what I mean? They need to really go with a, a reinvention of it in a different way and that wouldn’t be me.”

What could work as a reinvention? I’m guessing that Henry Cavill would qualify if he still wore his Geralt of Rivia wigs. Admit it, the people would show up for that kind of take. However, Cavill seems incredibly busy these days despite leaving The Witcher and closing the door (although not by his choice) on Superman. And it won’t be Theo James! Hmm, let them hire Jason Momoa. That’d be a reinvention, and he works in everything.

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