Steve Bannon Says He’s Rounding Up ‘4,000 Shock Troops’ To ‘Deconstruct’ The Government During Trump’s Second Term

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On the heels of being found guilty on contempt of Congress charges, Steve Bannon is proudly boasting that he’s going to “deconstruct” the government by gathering up “4,000 shock troops” in preparation for Donald Trump‘s second term. Bannon made the bold claim on his podcast while reacting to Axios writer Jonathan Swan preemptively revealing the plan over the weekend.

“Trump, in theory, could fire tens of thousands of career government officials with no recourse for appeals. He could replace them with people he believes are more loyal to him and to his ‘America First’ agenda,” Swan wrote. “It would effectively upend the modern civil service, triggering a shock wave across the bureaucracy.”

While it’s probably not the best idea to announce that Trump would once again attempt to disrupt the federal government as the January 6 hearings continue to shed light on his last effort, Bannon leaned into Axios broadcasting the plans.

Via Raw Story:

“It gets my deplorable blood going on a Monday morning to hear Jonathan Swan talk about a purge!” Cortes exclaimed while Bannon laughed. “A purge of the administrative state! Of course, he means that to be an exposé, to be a hit on our movement. We took it exactly the opposite and wear it as a badge of honor.”

“It tells me that, yes, Jonathan Swan recognizes that there is a plan in place,” he continued, “that this second Trump term is going to be far more consequential than the first one.”

Bannon then made a call to arms to his fellow deplorable, which, again, might not be the brightest move as Congress continues to investigate the last time a MAGA horde rallied together.

“I want everybody to understand deeply exactly what we’re doing here. OK? Because you’re going to be part of it,” Bannon said. “And particularly [we] want people stepping forward, say[ing], hey, I want to be one of those 4,000 shock troops.”

(Via Raw Story)


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