The ‘Stranger Things’ Creators Referred To Season 4 As ‘Our Game Of Thrones Season’

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For the first three seasons of Stranger Things, most of the action was contained to Hawkins, Indiana, the most cursed fictional town since Buffy‘s Sunnydale, California. That will not be the case in the new season.

Based on the season four posters, the new episodes will span the globe, including Russia (David Harbour knows it well), California (where Eleven and the Byers family, Joyce, Will, and Jonathan, moved to at the end of season three); and back in the midwest at the Hawkins National Laboratory and the creepy Creel house. During Deadline’s Contenders Television panel over the weekend, Stranger Things co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer even referred to season four as their “Game of Thrones season” for how “spread out” the plot is.

We kind of jokingly call it our Game of Thrones season because it’s so spread out, so I think that’s what’s unique or most unique about the season. Joyce and Byers family to have left at the end of season three. They are in California – we’ve always wanted to have that like E.T.-esque suburb aesthetic, which we finally got to do this year in the desert; and then we have Hopper in Russia; and then of course we have a group remaining in Hawkins. So we have these three storylines, are all connected and kind of interwoven together, but it’s just very different tones.”

The Duffers wisely made the Game of Thrones comparison before the final season (there’s one more season to go). Otherwise “our Game of Thrones season” has a different connotation, as Killing Eve fans know all too well.

The horror move-inspired first half of Stranger Things season four will premiere on Netflix on May 27, followed by the second half on July 1.

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