The (Sort-Of) Trump-Backed Missouri MAGA Candidate Who Made An Ad In Which He Hunted RINOs Got His Butt Handed To Him In The Primary

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Even before he recorded a violent and disturbing campaign ad in which he hunted RINOs, or Republicans in Name Only, with shotguns, Eric Greitens was bad news. He used to be the governor of Missouri…until he resigned in disgrace following a flurry of disturbing accusations, including sexual misconduct. But if you were worried he’d wind up in the Senate, don’t worry because he got his butt handed to him in the primary.

As per NBC News, Eric Schmitt, the state’s sitting attorney general, handily clinched the Republican nomination for the Senate seat soon to be vacated by GOP lawmaker Roy Blunt. His predecessor in his current role was no less than macho man Josh Hawley. His positions aren’t much better. He wants to overturn the Affordable Care Act, he’s been against public health restrictions during the pandemic, he’s against protecting LGBTQIA+ people from workplace discrimination, and more.

Still, at least he doesn’t openly fantasize about hunting down people he disagrees with for sport. As of this writing, The New York Times reports that Schmitt has nabbed 46% of the Republican vote, while Greitens came not in second but in third, with only 19%. Schmitt will now face the winner of the Democratic primary, which will either be Trudy Busch Valentine or Lucas Kunce. Thus comes the end of a bizarre GOP primary, which featured such highlights as Donald Trump having to choose which Republican Eric to endorse, only to go with…both of them.

(Via NBC News)


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