The Red Sox Allowed An Inside-The-Park Grand Slam Because Their Centerfielder Lost The Ball In The Lights

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Losing the ball in the lights at Fenway Park has been an issue for the Boston Red Sox in recent games. Earlier this month, Red Sox outfielder Christian Arroyo lost track of a pop fly during a game against the New York Yankees, which allowed the Bronx Bombers to score a pair of runs on what should have been a pretty standard fly out to right field.

This issue popped up once again on Friday night in Beantown, but this time, it led to an extremely rare inside-the-park grand slam. It was the top of the third inning and the Toronto Blue Jays held a 6-0 lead when Raimel Tapia stepped up to the plate. He launched the ball high into the night, and Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran had more than enough time to get under it.

The issue Duran ran into was, well, the lights at Fenway made it hard for him to track the ball. So while he was in centerfield scanning the sky, the ball dropped on the warning track and bounced against the wall. Duran was visibly frustrated, walking towards the ball while left fielder Alex Verdugo came sprinting in. Tapia, meanwhile, got on his horse, and before the Red Sox got the ball to home, Toronto’s centerfielder slid head-first across the plate.

This was the third inside-the-park grand slam this millennium, per ESPN, so unsurprisingly, the Jays had some fun with this.

The Red Sox might want to do something about the lights at Fenway if this keeps happening.


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