The Miss Universe 2023 Competition Is Heading To Streaming For The First Time Ever (On Roku)

Over the past few years, more and more people have been making a switch from the comforting, familiar vibes of cable television in favor of the many streaming services. There are pros and cons to both: cable has all of your favorite sports channels but way too many commercials. On the other hand, streaming services have all of the buzz-worthy shows, although some seem to be having a tough go of it this year. Still, a majority of the world is using streaming, and now programming is really starting to catch on.

For the first time ever, next year’s Miss Universe competition will stream directly on Roku, instead of its normal Fox airing. The Spanish broadcast will still be on Telemundo. The competition will stream live from New Orleans on January 14th, 2023. There is no word yet on if Steve Harvey has been asked back to host.

Miss Universe Organization CEO Amy Emmerich, declared in a statement, “For the first time ever, Americans are watching more streaming TV than cable. With this profound shift in the way audiences watch content underway, we’re thrilled to partner with the Roku Channel to bring the Miss Universe competition to the streaming world and reach previously untapped audiences across the United States. We are elated to be partnering together to find more innovative, new ways to tell the stories of these incredible women.”

While entering the streaming age is great and all, they haven’t addressed the biggest issue with the Miss Universe contest, and that is the fact that they only invite people from planet Earth to enter. If they really want to be inclusive about the best in the whole universe, there would ideally be some alien representation. It’s the least they can do.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)