‘The manspreading was immediate grounds for blocking’: TikToker shares her Hinge dating horror story with ‘Brandon,’ who FaceTimed her before they met

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A woman went viral on TikTok after recounting her Hinge horror story with a man named “Brandon.”

The TikToker, Ally (@ally.mckenna), shows a screenshot of text messages from Brandon around midnight on a Wednesday.

After replying to his message explaining that she’s staying in for the night, Ally proceeds to watch TikTok videos. That’s when she received a FaceTime call from Brandon, and she emphasizes that she gave him her number three days ago and has never met him in person.

Naturally, Ally didn’t answer.

As she was texting Brandon to ask if he intentionally called, she then received a Snapchat from him, followed by another one shortly after. Instead of answering her question about the FaceTime call, he calls her again. She takes the call and there he is, his legs wide open where the camera can see his clothed crotch.

“I answered it out of curiosity, and this is my POV,” she says, showing a screenshot of the FaceTime call.

Ally adds that he continually asked her to hang out, and she repeatedly said no. He also asked her why she wasn’t showing her face on the screen, despite it being late at night.

The TikToker says that she finally opened the Snapchats from Brandon, but they only made her cringe more. He claimed one of the messages he sent her wasn’t intended for her.

“I feel like he sent me a ‘goofy snap’ to like, look goofy,” she explains, “and then have an excuse to be like, ‘oh sorry, that was for my friend.’”

After he sent her a text the following morning, Ally blocked him.

@ally.mckenna #greenscreen dont be like brandon #hinge #wtf #blocked #hingedating ♬ original sound – Ally

The video has been viewed over 49,000 times since it was posted on July 28. Many users expressed their thoughts about Brandon from Hinge.

“The man spreading was immediate grounds for blocking,” one user stated.

“Ew. At least he made it blatantly obvious his intentions so you could runnnnnn,” a second wrote.

“I’m disgusted. I have the biggest ick. I’m getting goosebumps,” a third said.

Other viewers shared similar experiences.

“Lmaoooo this happened to me too in the Charlotte dating scene, I ghosted him,” one person shared.

“I was talking to a guy once. Who insisted on calling me so I answered one time and never said a word,” a second recounted.

“MEN LOVE CALLING BEFORE WE MEET this has happened to me and I always just stare at the call,” a third said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ally from comment via TikTok comment.

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