‘The Late Show’ Is Going Dark Again After Stephen Colbert Experienced A Likely Recurrence Of COVID

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Last month, Stephen Colbert tested positive for COVID. At least it was good timing: The Late Show was already slated to air re-runs the following week anyway, meaning they only had to cancel one taping. But on Monday, the show’s host experienced symptoms associated with a COVID recurrence, necessitating another, longer break.

As per The Late Show’s Twitter feed, Colbert was going to isolate from the show’s staff, guests, and audience “for a few additional days.” It’s unclear how long he’ll be out, but new episodes will not be taped, they said, “until further notice.”

As per Deadline, Monday’s show was to feature Sarah Silverman, Shaquille O’Neal, and a musical performance by Sharon Van Etten. Other guests scheduled for this week include Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Tracy Letts, Jean Smart, Hugh Dancy, Jake Tapper, Beach House, Ken Jeong, and Regina Spektor.

At least Colbert tried to find the humor in his latest health scare, calling it the “Worst. Sequel. Ever.”

After first testing positive for the virus, Colbert returned on May 2, and he proceeded to do what he does best: find jokes about the numerous terrifying things happening in the world right now. (Or just make fun of Tucker Carlson.) For instance, his return coincided with the leaked draft from Justice Samuel Alito, revealing that the Supreme Court were likely on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade. Colbert made sure to drag Republican lawmaker Susan Collins, whom he called a “gullible grandma” for actually believing all three of the justices Trump put on the bench would not overturn the decades-old ruling.

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