The Kid Mero Opens Up About Why He And Desus Ended Their Show: ‘It’s Not Like I’m Breaking Up With My Girlfriend’

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On the heels of rumors of a falling out between comedy duo Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, Showtime officially confirmed that their Desus & Mero show was abruptly calling it quits as the two “pursued separate career endeavors moving forward.” However, The Kid Mero is finally setting the record straight that the whole thing was not as dramatic as it seemed.

In a new interview with the Basic! podcast, Mero revealed that he and Desus had hashed out pursuing their own projects well in advance. “The intent was to go our separate ways in a way that is supportive of each other,” Mero said. “It’s not like I’m breaking up with my girlfriend on the phone. It was a strategy and one that we all agreed on.”

According to Mero, the plan to move on had been in place for a while. Via Deadline:

“Desus and I had discussed pursuing separate interests over a year prior to the show coming to an end and that conversation solidified us in signing overall agreements that recognized our intent to operate independent of one another. As far back as June of last year, we were both pitching or looking to join existing projects as individuals.”

With the Showtime series over, Mero plans to focus more on writing. “[I want to] dig a lot more into that, features, series, books, I want to get into all of that.” He’s also content with Desus & Mero coming to a close because the last thing he wanted was to overstay their welcome.

“At the end of the day, when things are winding down you got to recognize that they are winding down and not supermax Patrick Ewing when he has two [knee pads] and his career is coming to a close,” Mero said.

(Via Deadline)


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