The Jan. 6 Committee Is Considering Doing A Sequel To Their Blockbuster Hearings Later This Summer

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Ever since June, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot has been doling out one shocking revelation after another. Not only have they been ratings hits, they’ve even gotten to certain Fox News hosts, who’ve expressed horror at some of the things Donald Trump and his cronies are alleged to have done. Now, just like anything that’s a hit, there’s already sequel talk.

Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell revealed that the committee is considering ““second series of hearings,” which could happen towards the end of August. The current run of hearings are scheduled to end next Thursday, with a big prime time blow out. (The majority of the hearings have taken place during the daytime.)

There has already been talk of holding more hearings. Earlier Wednesday, Chairman Bennie Thompson said he couldn’t rule out holding more sessions, saying “something could up, just like the [Cassidy] Hutchinson situation that warranted what we felt was an immediate hearing.”

That hearing featured a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who offered some of the more jaw-dropping revelations, including that Trump intended to join the mob he stirred up at the Capitol, that he tried to choke a Secret Service agent who kept him from doing that, and that he later got so angry that he threw his ketchup-heavy lunch at the wall.

The most recent hearing, on Tuesday, ended with a top shelf mic drop, with vice chair Liz Cheney revealing Trump allegedly tried to engage in witness tampering, which Newsmax host speculated may have simply been a butt-dial.

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