The Guy From Euphoria Is Gay And Married

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I thought I had tabs on everyone, but I guess not.

Colman Domingo is having somewhat of a moment. I feel like he’s in every good TV show and movie I’m watching.

Dominik Bindl / Getty Images

He was in Fear the Walking Dead, which I watched for a few seasons.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

He was one of the best parts of Zola.

A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

And he’s on a lil’ show you might have heard of called Euphoria.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for HBO

Oh, I also really liked him in Candyman.

Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

As Britney once said, “I used to think I had the answers to everything, but now I know…Colman Domingo is gay and married, like what?”

And I have to be honest, as an expert in Wikipedia’s “personal life” section, I had no idea!

But yeah, Colman Domingo is gay and married.

Patrick Mcmullan / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

His husband’s name is Raùl Domingo.

According to GQ, they first saw each other at a Walgreens in 2005. They never actually spoke, but Raùl did a Craigslist “Missed Connection” and boom, they found each other. The rest is history.

So yeah, I’m just really happy to find out he’s *one of us*.