The Eagles Traded Jalen Reagor To The Vikings For A 4th And 7th Round Pick

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The 2020 NFL Draft featured a few future stars at the wide receiver position, with the likes of Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, Tee Higgins, and Chase Claypool all coming into the league in the first two rounds.

However, there were also some misses at the receiver position, with the Eagles selection of Jalen Reagor at No. 21 overall looking particularly painful in hindsight considering the Vikings nabbed Jefferson with the 22nd overall selection. Reagor has struggled in his first two seasons in the league, catching just 64 passes for 695 yards and three touchdowns in his 28 game appearances in Philadelphia. After the Eagles traded for AJ Brown to give Jalen Hurts a reliable, bonafide No. 1, Reagor became expendable and none other than those same Vikings that swooped in to take Jefferson after Regaor came calling about adding the former TCU star to their receiver room.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Reagor was being sent to Minnesota for a pair of picks, a seventh and a fourth (that could drop to a fifth if Reagor fails to meet statistical requirements).

For the Vikings, they buy low on a guy with speed and talent who never put it together in Philly, but also can put him in a lesser role where he will be a third option to Jefferson and Adam Thielen that might be better suited to his skillset. For the Eagles, they get some real draft compensation in return, as a fourth rounder isn’t a bad return on a receiver who has done little to help them so far and was no longer needed on the roster.


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