“The Digital Sisterhood” Podcast Brings Muslim Women Together

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Not all episodes are heavy, but listeners who may have experienced a similar situation as the guests of that episode often share that they go away feeling stronger. 

Running a faith-based podcast means focusing on building a community, said Mohamud, who is now running podcast events for The Digital Sisterhood across the US, including hosting live recording in a burqa, a far cry from the usual white man from Brooklyn podcast cliché. 

The podcast has led to a Discord server, whose more than 1,600 members talk about Islam and nonreligious related topics, such as anime, parenting, and cooking.

“I understand that this work is not about gaining this and that,”  Mohamud said. “I just want to do something that matters.” 

Having seen some of their older video clips, I asked if they plan on pivoting to video, like a lot of podcasts have nowadays, but Mohamud said any visual storytelling would be through illustrated art. 

“Our designs and our images are very animation-based because I wanted to avoid the objectification of women,” she said. “Obviously these women are telling intimate stories. I don’t want them to also have to think, Do I look good?” 

Instead, the focus is exactly where it should be: on their stories.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ikrd/digital-sisterhood-podcast-brings-muslim-women-together