‘The company sued me’: TikToker steals stuffed animal from car wash, sparking debate about her punishment

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A woman on TikTok said her friend stole a stuffed animal from a car wash, eventually causing her to get sued for $300. 

She uploaded footage of the incident to TikTok, and it reached about 2.2 million views as of Saturday. The woman, known as user @jjgocrazyyy or Jade, has nearly 5,000 followers on the platform. In the clip, the stuffed animal in question appears to be Cookie Monster of Sesame Street.


As her friend stole the stuffed animal, Jade can be seen laughing in the video. But she said she returned a week later to return the stolen item, and then the company sued her for $300 and banned her from the car wash. 

“Honestly funny experience but the company took it a little to far,” Jade captioned the video.

Her viewers on TikTok didn’t seem to agree though. Several commented that she got what she deserved. 

Another viewer wrote, “Why do privileged kids think they get to do whatever they want and are surprised by the consequences for their actions? Genuinely asking?” 

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Some viewers defended Jade, saying that stealing a stuffed animal was funny and not that big of a deal. 

“Here come the morally righteous commenters pretending like the corporation is in the right,” one such viewer commented. 

Another viewer said, “Apparently this whole comment section lacks reading comprehension. Her friend took it. She returned it. Y’all are dense.” 

In a comment on her own TikTok, Jade said she wanted to clarify a few things for her viewers. 

“1. Yes I am aware I should have gotten punished. 2. I know people who work for the company and they said these are very cheap and they replace them quite often. 3. I apologized to the manager. 4. I have learned my lesson!!” she wrote. 

User @jjgocrazyyy did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment. 

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/car-wash-stolen-stuffed-animal-tiktok/

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