The College Football Playoff Will Expand To 12 Teams

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One of the big gripes about the College Football Playoff since its inception is how the same teams make it every year, leading to stale matchups on the sport’s biggest stage. It has led to calls since basically the beginning for the playoff to feature more than four teams, but for a myriad of reasons, expansion has always fallen flat on its face.

That changed on Friday afternoon. According to multiple media reports, the CFP Board of Managers met and unanimously voted to approve a 12-team playoff. While it could happen earlier depending on how things shake out with the TV contracts that have long been cited as the main hold-up to expansion, the most likely answer appears to be expansion coming in 2026, even if there is a chance that it’s implemented as soon as 2024.

The thing that could change this is when conference commissioners meet next week.

As for what an expanded playoff will look like, Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic brings word that the six highest-ranked conference champions will receive a spot, as well as six at-large squads.

In the eight years that the College Football Playoff has been the way to determine which team is the sport’s national champion, six schools — Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Notre Dame — have made it more than once.


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