The Co-Creator Of ‘Lost’ Was Not Happy Dr. Oz Referenced The Show In One Of His Lame Attacks At John Fetterman

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There are few as bad at social media as Dr. Oz. And that’s a shame, because his opponent for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat is really, really good at it. Ever since clinching the Republican nomination in a state he only just moved to two years ago, the former TV star has been duking it out on Twitter against John Fetterman, the very tall and very funny lieutenant governor of the Keystone State. He’s been losing, badly. But occasionally someone who’s not Fetterman takes a turn humiliating him online.

On Thursday, Oz repeated one of this too few lines of attack on Fetterman: that he hasn’t been campaigning on the road. (As a doctor, he should, of course, understand it’s because he’s recuperating from a stroke.) He posted a photoshopped image of Fetterman inside an ad for Lost, the beloved/frustrating head-scratcher from the aughts. “Still looking for John Fetterman. Let us know if you see him,” Oz wrote in the caption.

It wasn’t very good or very funny, or very ethical. Indeed one of the tweet’s critics was Damon Lindelof, one of the shows co-creators (who also presided over The Leftovers and HBO’s Watchmen).

“He had a stroke, DOCTOR,” Lindelof wrote on Instagram. “And the island is healing him as we speak. If you actually WATCHED Lost, you’d know not to f*ck with the bald guy.”

If Dr. Oz is upset that one of the creators of a show he presumably likes hates his guts (and thinks he’s a bad medical practitioner), maybe he can get some advice from Ted Cruz. After all, he knows what that’s like.

(Via The Daily Beast)


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