The Biggest Questions We Have After The ‘P-Valley’ Season 2 Finale

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(SPOILERS for this week’s P-Valley will be found below.)

We learned a lot about the characters tied to The Pynk in season two of P-Valley. We know now more than ever that Hailey, aka Autumn Night, had no desire to preserve any aspect of The Pynk. Her time in Chucalissa began with her working at The Pynk, and towards its end, it concluded with her as the majority owner looking to sell it for $10 million, which she would split with Uncle Clifford and build the new life she desired. We now know that Keyshawn has the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend as we see her gear up to do in the penultimate episode of season two. Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda are not only able to re-establish their relationship, but take it to new heights as well, as we see in the finale. Mercedes also wins more of her daughter’s trust and a bit of her forgiveness while also finding a way to make a living outside of The Pynk — for good too.

The season two finale of P-Valley answers plenty of questions for us. We learn that The Pynk won’t be sold as Uncle Clifford makes a backdoor deal that allows the club to stay in her possession while pushing out Hailey as a majority owner. Keyshawn fails to escape from Derrick, and thanks to her boyfriend’s conniving ways, it ends with her going to jail and possibly losing custody rights to her children. Andre fails to become mayor of Chucalissa, but with plans to bring a law practice to the city, he’ll most likely fair well down in the valley. Elsewhere, Mercedes’ daughter Terricka is going back home to her and she couldn’t be any happier about it. Despite all of these answers, there are plenty of questions left after the season two finale.

Here are some of the biggest questions we had after season two final episode:

What Happens Next With Uncle Clifford And Lil Murda?

The final scene in the season two finale sees a crowd stare in disbelief and excitement after Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda share a kiss in the middle of a party. Up until this point, Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda’s relationship lived behind closed doors. Whether it be interactions in the office of The Pynk or back at Uncle Clifford’s home, Cliff and Murda were able to keep things under wraps, but no one wants to be a secret forever. After patching things up from Murda’s wrongdoings to end season one, it seems like true love could be on the horizon for the two as Murda is ready to step out into the light despite Cliff’s worries and hesitations. However, with the world unaware of this relationship, it remains to be seen how Murda will handle everyone’s reaction to this relationship.

Where Did Hailey/Autumn Night Go?

Hailey certainly tried it, but she failed and failed badly. Since gaining ownership of The Pynk, Hailey had her eyes set on selling it for an eight-figure price which she would split between herself and Uncle Clifford. Her plans to sell it were unknown to Clifford until she overheard a conversation between Hailey and Corbin. This sparked a later conversation between Uncle Clifford and Corbin which led to a deal that allowed The Pynk and the casino to co-exist in Chucalissa. Hailey is handed a check for $250,000, forcing her out of The Pynk, which is a lot less than she hoped to have. She leaves The Pynk and Chucalissa altogether, but not without taking over $42,000 from The Pynk (which puts them in the red) for herself to keep. Scenes later, she steps off a bus with a blonde wig on, leaving us all to question (if you care at least) where she is and what she’s up to.

Will Mercedes Actually Be Able To Move On From The Pynk?

Mercedes’ original plans were to fully retire from The Pynk. Deep down, Mercedes knew that she would not be able to keep up with the physical demands of a stripper for much longer. Additionally, she had dreams of leading an all-girls dance class. That dream was slowly becoming a reality as she found a space to hold the classes, but her mother Pastor Woodbine stole the money she intended to use for it to open her own church. So back to The Pynk Mercedes went, but as season two closes, she has her eyes set on leaving once and for all as a new career awaits her. Ladies from The Pynk haven’t had the easiest time retiring from The Pynk (see: Keyshawn), but hopefully, things will swing enough in Mercedes’ favor to allow her to live out her new dreams.

What Will Keyshawn Do Now?

Keyshawn was supposed to be the latest Pynk album to make it big time after her time at the club, and quite frankly, she was well on her way to that fame. Touring with Lil Murda was a big hit for her, but everything went south after Rome threatened and sexually assaulted her, which led to him being killed by Whoddy who poisoned him. Keyshawn’s time back at home made her realize that it was time to escape Chucalissa and her abusive boyfriend Derrick. Her plan is a solid one, and she nearly makes it out, but her stepmother ruins everything after she hands the children back to Derrick. Keyshawn hits her breaking point after CPS launches an investigation against her thanks to false claims from Derrick, and soon enough, she ends up in jail for what seems like a few nights. Life is crumbling around Keyshawn, and with few options around her, she asks Diamond to do a major favor for her. Even if that’s successful, what will Miss Mississippi do next?

Will The Pynk And The Casino Survive In Season Three?

Thanks to the deal that Uncle Clifford and Corbin were able to work out, The Pynk and Chucalissa’s upcoming casino are now tethered to each other. Casinos can only be built on waterfronts, and thanks to an idea from Uncle Clifford and some presumably expensive construction, the casino can exist without forcing The Pynk to close. It’s also expected that the casino will bring new customers and attention to The Pynk which only means more money for them. In a simple world, The Pynk and Chucalissa’s casino could co-exist with no problems. However, with greed and Pastor Woodbine both set as possible obstacles for the future, the question about their future isn’t if their relationship will make it through season three together, but what causes it to fall apart?

Season 2 of ‘P-Valley’ is now available to watch on STARZ.


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