Ted Cruz Is Doing His Best To Keep The ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant Going, And It’s Backfiring Spectacularly

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In much the same way Facebook became uncool once your angry uncle started logging on, Ted Cruz is doing his best to tank the most popular slogan of the right-wing conservative set right now.

Is it Senator Cruz’s fault that he’s the physical manifestation of the word “cheugy”? Probably not, but he had to know that his endorsement of the new anti-Biden chant preferred by fellow Republican blowhards like Representative Lauren Boebert would seriously hurt its stock value. Before we get into the Cancun Cruz-ness of it all, let’s recap: the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant first originated thanks to an on-air-interview-gone-wrong at a NASCAR race in Alabama. An NBC reporter was chatting with driver Brandon Brown after his win when the crowd launched into a chant he first interpreted as a celebration of Brown’s win. The reporter suggested the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”. In reality, they were chanting “F*ck Joe Biden.” The phrase took off from there, with everyone from Republican representatives to Southwest Airline pilots co-opting the Biden dig. It got so bad that even NASCAR tried to distance itself from the phrase.

Of course, Cruz couldn’t let the chance to snag a bit of headline-making controversy pass him by, so he made his own contribution to the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement in the form of this very unfunny tweet:

Political leanings aside, this kind of trolling is just lazy. It’s obvious Cruz pulled the photo from someone else’s socials, didn’t tag them, and then added his own commentary. It’s some real “F for Effort” sh*t-posting on his part but, then again, the guy hasn’t had a vacation in *checks watch* a month? So really, give him a break.

Or don’t. He left millions of his constituents to freeze to go sunbathing on the beaches of a country he regularly rants about for political clout. Twitter certainly didn’t give him any mercy in response to his bandwagon-hopping post:

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/ted-cruz-lets-go-brandon-tweet-biden/

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