Taylor Swift Put A Surprise Comedy Sketch Featuring Mike Birbiglia And Others In Her Wild New ‘Anti-Hero’ Video

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Taylor Swift just dropped a new video for “Anti-Hero” and there’s a lot going on in it, everything from ghosts to multiple versions of Swift. Of particular interest to comedy fans, though, is the straight-up comedy sketch that pops up in the middle of it. It stars comedian Mike Birbiglia, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Mary Elizabeth Ellis, John Early, and Swift herself.

The skit begins at 2:12 into the video and runs for about two minutes. It starts during, and is based on, the part of the song where Swift sings, “I have this dream my daughter-in-law kills me for the money / She thinks I left them in the will / The family gathers around and reads it / And then someone screams out / “She’s laughing up at us from Hell.”

It takes place at Swift’s funeral as attendees sit in front of her casket and a portrait of an elderly Swift surrounded by many cats. We then get a look at the characters involved: Kimber (Swift’s daughter in law, played by Ellis), Preston (the son married to Kimber, played by Birbiglia), and Chad (Swift’s other son, played by Early). Preston gets up to read Swift’s will, discovering that she left her beach house to three of her cats, and her children were given 13 cents each.

They’re initially dismayed by the news until Chad has a realization, saying: “There’s probably a secret encoded message that means something else!” The enthusiasm is quickly dampened, though, as Preston reads from the will: “PS: There’s no secret encoded message that means something else. Love, Taylor.” As Preston reads, Swift, lying in the casket at her current age, cracks the top open and takes a peek at what’s going on. This reveal of no Easter eggs leads to argument and chaos before the song and video continue.

Swift said of the video, “The Anti-Hero video is HERE, which I wrote and directed. Watch my nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time. with some help from the excellent @birbigs, @bejohnce, and @meellisday who fabulously portray… get ready for it… my grown sons and daughter in law? Anyway. Forever grateful to my incredible DP @The_RinaYang and our amazing crew.”

The first tweet also includes a behind-the-scenes photo of Swift, Bigbiglia, Ellis, and Early filming the funeral scene.

Watch the “Anti-Hero” video above.

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