‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Sharing Their ‘Unpopular Opinions’ About Season 4

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[This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4]

For the second season in a row, the Stranger Things season finale debuted over the long July 4th weekend. Good thing, too, because otherwise there may not have been enough time to get through the nearly The Godfather-length episode. But now that another season is in the books (and with season five not premiering until “mid-2024” at the earliest), it’s time to ask: what’s your unpopular opinion about Stranger Things 4?

For me, it’s that Will should have died. Or Hopper, or Jonathan, or anyone but Steve, Robin, and Dustin. The only popular characters to die in season four were Dr. Brenner and Eddie Munson (I’d include Jason but he was never popular). Co-creators the Duffer Brothers joked about George Lucas-ing a mistake from earlier in the season, but by killing and quickly resurrecting Max, they also pulled a Jon Snow. There are simply too many main characters on Stranger Things. I know Millie Bobby Brown agrees.

Here are some other unpopular season four opinions from the Stranger Things Reddit:

The ending was wayy too light-hearted for Eddie having died and Max being in an indefinite coma.

Where the heck did Jonathan’s photography interest go? I wish they’d given him a job at a photo shop or something, smoking in dark rooms & getting an acceptance letter to a photography program in California

There should have been some element of danger towards Mike, Will, Argyle and Jonathan while El was piggybacking. They had such a dull storyline this season.

The whole Steve Nancy Jonathan love triangle thing is absolutely unnecessary and boring.

The stuff in Russia went on way too long for me.

I thought Vickie was too alike to Robin to be a ship I’d actually ship. They’re like the same person.

The two day jump was really annoying. Why did the upside down not continue to pull into the real world until eleven and hopper made it there? It was bizarre to me. It was like the writers didn’t know how to bring everyone together so they just hit pause.

Mike’s monologue to save El was cheesy AF and I thought the whole final act could’ve been scripted better. Vecna literally calls El mediocre

Mike, Will, and Jonathon’s entire season arc was basically just “be Eleven’s Uber ride in the desert.” They accomplished a whole lot of nothing. And they didn’t even bother letting Will tell everyone he’s gay.

Argyle was the one redeeming quality of that story arc.

Did Dustin and Eddie really need to be present for the rock n roll diversion? Like couldn’t they have just set up a boom box and peaced out? And if they did, they went to a huge ammo/weapon store called war zone, did the group really not get anything for them? They had to make their own shield and spears? Common man

Metallica is glad that they didn’t. Also, poor Jonathan.

(Via Reddit)

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/stranger-things-season-4-unpopular-opinions/

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