Stephen A. Smith Is Upset The Knicks, ‘Who Make Me Sick,’ Didn’t Get Donovan Mitchell

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You’ve all been waiting for it, and now, it is time: Here is the post about Stephen A. Smith reacting to the New York Knicks not getting Donovan Mitchell. Of course, Mitchell, a New York native, was mentioned all summer as a priority for the Knicks in the trade market, but on Thursday afternoon, we learned that the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to acquire his services.

Now, Mitchell will join the Cavs’ exciting young core, while the Knicks’ collection of young talent and draft picks will not turn into a star this time. No one, and I mean no one, is more upset about this than Smith, the ESPN personality and Knicks fan who got so bothered that he pulled out his phone while in a car and fired off a take about how the Knicks “make me sick.”

“You see what I’m saying? You see what I’m saying?” Smith asked. “Every single time, man, something goes wrong. I wanted Donovan Mitchell in New York, I shut my mouth, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t say a word. Because I didn’t wanna blow it, I didn’t wanna get in the way. You got about seven or eight first round picks, you got R.J. Barrett, you got Julius Randle, you got [Obi] Toppin, you got Immanuel Quickley, and ya still couldn’t get Donovan Mitchell. Ya still couldn’t get ’em.

“So once again, we’re gonna go into another season and the New York Knicks are devoid of a star,” he continued. “They’re somewhere other than in a New York Knicks uniform. See? This is what I’m trying to say, man, they make me sick. Nothing ever gets done in New York with the Knicks, nothing! Nothing! I’ll be cool, it just never ends with the Knicks. It just never freakin’ ends.”

Smith then let out what I would call a half scream. The man is an artist.


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