Starbucks Workers Reveal How They Mess With Customers

If you’ve ever worked in customer service before, you know that some days can get boring and feel like they last forever…so sometimes, you have to keep things interesting.

And a Starbucks worker shared a video on TikTok of what they do with their fellow employees to spice up their days at work…and it all revolved around a special Starbucks cup.

Take a look.

@xenaquintanaaa Oh to be a Starbucks barista 😂😂 #starbies ♬ original sound – Mommymadness

Here’s how folks responded.

One person said,

“What seriously is the hype over the Starbucks cups?

Been going for years and have never bought a single one.”

Another viewer commented,

“Starbucks cup collectors give the same vibes as Disney Adults.”

And another TikTokker said,

“My husband saw this cup on his way in and all 4 were gone instantly.

They noticed him eying them and got one out from behind the counter for him 🥲

Thanks baristas, I love it.”

Hey, you have to stay entertained at work somehow, right?