‘I tried this and it was disgusting’: Customer debunks Starbucks ‘Cafe Misto’ latte hack

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A popular content creator went viral after sharing her disappointment with a trending hack, a free Starbucks “Cafe Misto” latte, sparking debate.

TikToker Kelly Gooch (@_kellygooch) shared her attempt at ordering a free Starbucks latte, by purchasing a Cafe Misto with Starbucks Rewards and adding espresso shots, milk, or syrups at no additional cost.

“Everyone says, you know, if you change the milk, add a shot, add a flavor, whatever, it tastes just like a latte,” Gooch says. “So I tried it today.”

Fellow creator Lyell (@lyellgirl) originally posted the tip in a viral video with over 7.5 million views. Lyell suggests viewers redeem a Cafe Misto for just 50 Stars, then customize the drink to make it taste more like a latte, a drink requires 150 Stars to be redeemed via the chain’s rewards program.

However, Gooch claims the hype around the hack is misleading.

“It does not taste just like a latte,” she says. “It’s actually not very good, according to me.”

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The video racked up over 219,000 views as of Wednesday, with many people agreeing that the hack doesn’t taste like a latte.

“Yessss! Tried it today 1st time. No way it’s the same,” one viewer agreed.

“I tried it yesterday and it was disgusting. I’m convinced the people who do this hack never had a latte before,” a second shared.

“I tried this and it was disgusting,” a third stated.

Others offered reasons for the drink’s differing flavor from a traditional latte.

“That’s because it’s a red eye…with steamed milk and flavoring. You are getting more caffeine w/adding espresso but with a more pungent coffee taste,” one explained.

“it’s because half of it is brewed coffee. if you don’t like brewed coffee, it won’t taste good,” a second added

“Starbucks supervisor here, been trying to tell people this. Brewed coffee plus milk plus shots is going to taste extremely strong and NOT like a latte,” a third wrote.

However, some disagreed with Gooch’s take, claiming that the Cafe Misto is comparable to a latte with the right customizations.

“I did it with 2 pumps praline and 2 pumps toffee nut and thought it tasted like a latte,” one person wrote.

“Did you add shots of espresso? I just had it yesterday and it was so good!” a second stated.

“it’s only good if u LOVE the taste of coffee and don’t mind mixing filtered and espresso,” a third commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Gooch via email and TikTok comment.

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