‘Sounds like the manager tryna get some staff’: Burger King night shift worker says working in fast food is a life hack

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The fast food industry largely gets a bad reputation on TikTok. Workers frequently share videos about annoying customers, low pay, and micro-managing, among other things. And they often go viral because so many people have done a stint in fast food at some point in their lives, and the casual frustrations are pretty relatable.

But one TikToker’s video went viral for the completely opposite reason, as he encouraged people to get a job at Burger King.

“If you’re a teenager looking to make some money, bro, come work at Burger King,” @best_of.the_best1 tells viewers in a video, panning his camera around an empty back room at one of the franchise locations. “Take the night shift, too. ‘Cause first of all, who wants Burger King, especially at night. Second of all, bro, fast food is so easy. It’s a life hack.”

The TikToker also shared that the store hired some of his friends from school, “which makes it wayyyy better.” In the overlay text, he wrote: “WORK AT A DEAD FAST FOOD LOCATION, TAKE THE NIGHT SHIFT, LET THE MONEY COME IN!!” The video has since been viewed over 400,000 times as of Thursday.

@best_of.the_best1 I also work with my friends from school which makes it wayyyy better, comment any questions #fyp #burgerking #freemoney ♬ original sound – best_of.the_best1

Despite how frequently workers criticize fast food restaurants, some viewers who claimed to have worked for the franchise either in the past or the present seemed to agree with the TikToker’s take on things.

“I worked there so easy free money,” wrote one user.

“Good tip if you’re doing online school,” another agreed. “Pretty much getting paid to do it.”

But others weren’t sold, with quite a few pointing out that working in fast food is easy when there’s nothing going on, as is the case in his video, but they frequently run into issues at other times.

“Probably not in the weekends I use to work Night Shift and a lot of drunk young people pulling up,” countered one user.

“I literally threw up at work yesterday it was 100 degrees in there and busy asf,” another viewer recalled. “idk ab yall but they love that mystery meat around here.”

And one commenter called out staffing issues that have been a frequent topic on TikTok in recent years, writing, “nah bro at night my bk gets packed and we only got like 3 employees.”

One person even joked that the employee sounded “like the manager tryna get some staff,” but he defended his stance on the job, also adding that they tend to shut the drive-thru lights off at night to discourage more customers from coming around. And truthfully, that doesn’t sound like the worst strategy for a quiet, easy night shift.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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