Some Kids Wanted A Picture With Michael Jordan And You Can Probably Guess How That Went

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Michael Jordan does not own a reputation of being the warmest personality across the sports landscape. That notion was generally understood, but further reinforced throughout the The Last Dance documentary back in the spring of 2020. His stern public persona once again, understandably, shined through when a random fan asked for a photo with the NBA legend in a parking garage, while simultaneously filming him.

As most people would, Jordan justifiably took exception to this person’s behavior, asked that he stopped being recorded and quickly turned down any request for a photo as he walked to his car.

Of course, Jordan is entirely in the right for his frustration here. It’s merely a funny example, given all the details we know about Jordan’s hard-line nature and the fact that, despite his status as one of the famous people to ever live, he greatly values his own privacy.

The best part is how the videographer seemingly ruins their friend’s slim chance to snag a picture with Jordan. The cameraperson is so starstruck by Jordan’s presence that they can’t find anything other to say than repeatedly yelling Jordan’s name, as the all-time great repeatedly tells them to put the phone down.

When the person not holding the camera finally musters up the courage to inquire about a flick, they’re met with a swift “no” from Jordan and that’s that. Jordan’s first impression of them being greeted by an unsolicited video derails any opportunity to salvage the interaction.

Maybe, they’ll learn from this moment and avoid videos in the future if they actually meet LaMelo Ball, who appeared to be the initial subject of their intentions.