One McDonald’s customer found herself at the center of a viral moment when she shared a DoorDash delivery fail that left the internet baffled and amused. Bailey (@foxymamabailey) shared a video, which has blown well past 1.2 million views, of a simple yet surreal tale of a McDonald’s order gone hilariously wrong.

She had requested a cheeseburger with a straightforward modification—only ketchup. Yet, what she received was close but no cigar: a box filled with nothing but ketchup.

Her video, dripping with disbelief, played out the absurdity of the situation.

“I cannot make this up. I just ordered DoorDashed McDonald’s. I asked for a cheeseburger, only ketchup,” she says. “This is what I got. Just ketchup. A whole thing of warm ketchup.”

Bailey reveals a McDonald’s box that, against all logic, contained no burger, no cheese, not even a bun—just ketchup. The label echoed the contents with comedic precision: “No American Cheese No Salt No Regular Meat No Regular Bun ONLY ketchup.”

The TikTok community wasted no time diving into the commentary.

One user, seizing on the technical truth of the situation, pointed out, “it does say ONLY KETCHUP.”

Another user chimed in with their own tale of customization gone tragically awry: “The receipt says no meat no bun. It literally says only ketchup. I did this once and checked no on everything except the meat and ketchup and that was what I got.”

Meanwhile, a third commenter shared their relief at being less particular, “Glad I’m not picky, I never need to alter anything.” 

This slice-of-life story played out against the backdrop of escalating fast-food prices, with McDonald’s in the spotlight as of recently. A report by Restaurant Business Magazine highlights a staggering 55% jump in the price of a McDonald’s cheeseburger, from $1.55 in 2021 to $2.40 in 2024. This inflation reflects a broader trend across the fast-food industry, driven by rising ingredient costs and the new laws in some states requiring companies to pay workers more.


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These increases are more than just numbers for McDonald’s customers, particularly those in lower income brackets. They represent a real challenge in maintaining affordable dining options. Despite an uproar on social media over the price jumps at certain locations, McDonald’s corporate has remained mum, citing franchisees’ autonomy in setting their own prices.

There have been other viral instances where McDonald’s customers have found themselves at the center of a McDisaster involving missing patties—like the time this patron found themselves on the receiving end of a burger with cheese, pickles, ketchup, but no meat. Another person said that they ordered a McChicken that was also missing its protein, so they had to improvise by stuffing a few McNuggets between the buns for a MacGyver’ed sandwich.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Bailey via TikTok comment.  

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