PlayStation Leaked The Trailer And Release Date For A Remake Of ‘The Last Of Us’

PlayStation unveiled a number of interesting games at its most recent State of Play. Not among those games has been a long-rumored remake of The Last of Us. Considering The Last of Us is one of PlayStation’s biggest IPs, we’d expect that to be the kind of game that begins or ends a showcase like State of Play.

Whatever plans they had to unveil the remake were spoiled by PlayStation when the PlayStation Direct website leaked the trailer for the game. The trailer showcases a gorgeous looking world on PlayStation 5 hardware, a release date, and tells players that a PC port is also in development. All of this would have been really exciting during a State of Play like event, but that doesn’t make any of this less cool to know about.

Is it funny that PlayStation accidentally leaked its own announcement? Yes. Does that make the announcement of a remake for The Last of Us any less exciting? Absolutely not. It was one of the best games on PlayStation 3, had a really awesome HD remake on the PlayStation 5, and the opportunity to play it on current generation hardware is intriguing. Personally, I’m excited to see how they can make an already beautiful looking game look even better. A few comparison screenshots have been making the rounds on Twitter and it reminds us how great the first game looked.

We’ll get a chance to experience the entire remake once it releases in September.