Phoebe Bridgers Covers Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Stolen Car’ At Her Asbury Park Show

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Phoebe Bridgers is having a lot of fun on the 2022 edition of her Reunion Tour. A couple of days ago, the Punisher star briefly covered The Wiggles’ “Fruit Salad” in Portland, Maine, a moment so viral that The Wiggles themselves reacted, telling her she nailed it.

On Monday night, she brought a more serious cover to the stage in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where she played Bruce Springsteen’s “Stolen Car.” Her rendition is so soft and disarming that she makes it sound like it’s her own. This is not her first time sharing her own rendition of a song by Springsteen; last year, she covered “I’m On Fire” from his 1984 classic Born In The USA.

Meanwhile Bridgers, recently engaged to Paul Mescal from Normal People, has been taking on the challenge of writing happier songs, according to a recent interview. “I’m striving to do more stuff like that,” she said about her song “Sidelines.” “I think it’s more challenging to sound smart and write well about happiness than it is about sadness. In the interest of not seeming trite, I lean toward darker subject matter, just out of comfort. And I think a challenge to myself, now, is being articulate about things that are good [laughs].”


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