People Who Married For Money Or Love Tell Their Stories

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MARRIED FOR MONEY: “I kinda, sorta did. Not in the true sense of the word, since I earn well, have my own career, and am aligned with him on financial goals. But money is cited in the top three reasons for divorce. I worked hard to have zero debt — even in grad school — and lived in ways that ensured financial stability. Like, living with roommates even when I didn’t ‘need to,’ not traveling unless I could pay cash, not getting pets until I was solidly settled. My husband views money the same way. Simply, I would NOT have married him if he had debt or had mindsets about money that I don’t mesh with.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy — a lot — but lasting marriages need more than love. And I know a couple that is NOT aligned about money; she has tons of debt and an exorbitant lifestyle, and he is frugal, and it creates rifts and tension and ill-aligned expectations in so many facets of their lives. It’s not just money; It’s food, travel, hobbies, pets, kids, friends, and education, and money touches all these things. So, to not marry, at least a little bit, ‘for’ money, or with money in mind is a terrible idea.”



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