People Share Creepy Things Found On Doorbell Cameras

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This terrifying encounter:

“My mom lives alone and installed cameras at her front door and back door (her driveway circles to the back of the house). One night, less than a week after she installed them, she woke up to a doorbell alert on her phone. She thought it was probably an animal, but checked anyway. There was a man standing in her backyard staring toward the door. After about two minutes, my mom activated the backyard flood lights and he immediately took off. About 45 minutes later, he was back with some sort of bat or something in his hand. She called the police and, luckily, they arrived in less than 3 minutes. When he was being arrested, he tried to claim he thought it was his house. Turns out, he lived over 15 miles away. We still don’t know what his intentions were but we made sure to install more locks and motion-detecting lights around the house after that.”