People Might Really Be Naming Their Kids After Thanos And Star-Lord

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For quite some time, the most popular baby names have been pretty standard. You have your Emmas and Jacobs and Sophias running around during recess, with an occasional older name like John thrown in there every once in a while. But that’s simply not the case anymore. Now, parents are fighting to come up with the most unique name, and for some reason, that means naming their children after various fictional characters.

Lately, people are really committing to their superhero (and villain) love by naming their children after various Disney characters across the various universes. A new study from (via ComicBook) claims that more and more parents are naming their children after Marvel characters. The most popular name? Quill (aka Star-Lord) from Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes! People are naming their kids after Chris Pratt.

The list continues with some more unique Disney names like Frozen’s Kristoff, and Star Wars’ Rey, and then some more classic Disney names, like Aladdin, Merida, Belle, Simba, and Olaf. Sitting at spot number eight is the ultimate bad guy Thanos, who will most likely be the scariest kid on the playground.

Other Disney-adjacent names include Wanda, Loki, Kylo, Anakin, and of course, Elsa, which first shot to popularity in 2013 after Frozen became a mega-hit. At least nobody is naming their newborn baby after Hulk.

(Via ComicBook)


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