People Can’t Believe A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Botched Not One, But Two Easy Puzzles In The Same Night

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Guessing a puzzle wrong on Wheel of Fortune happens, but on Thursday night’s episode, it was especially brutal for a contestant named Melanie who missed not one, but two puzzles that weren’t exactly brain teasers. After coming out of the gate strong and boasting about wrapping her college degree with a 4.0 GPA in just three years, things quickly went south for her as she whiffed on an answer to a very recognizable tune. Via TVInsider:

When trying to figure out the answer to the puzzle, “_ _ L _ Y G O O _ F E L L O W,” Fisher buzzed in and said, “Jolly GOOF fellow.” Safe to say, that was quite the goof. Obviously, the correct answer was “Jolly GOOD fellow,” which fellow contestant J.R. Browning answered moments after Fisher’s blunder.

Whether this was nerves or a brief brain wipe, Wheel Watchers on social media couldn’t believe it, and the reactions started pouring in with people noting how awkward the blooper was after she had just touted her grade point average:

Here’s the thing: She did it again. With only the letters “O” and “V” missing for the phrase “wolves and sheep,” she guessed “wilkes and sheep,” which isn’t even a thing. What the heck is a wilkes? That second blunder earned her another round of reactions on Twitter:

However, despite her embarrassing goofs, she got the last laugh in all of this, as she went on to win the episode and walk away with $20,000, even after failing to solve the Final Puzzle. Naturally, this raised an important question: Just how hard is Wheel of Fortune, really, and why aren’t more of us trying out for it?

(Via TVInsider)


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