People Are Sharing Why They Stopped Liking Their Crush

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“I’d known her for quite a while. She seemed really nice, was quite intelligent and friendly, everyone liked her. Would sometimes be kind of flaky with some weird excuses when we were supposed to meet, whether casually or professionally, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then we had to work on a project together, it wasn’t something too serious so I told her I can do it on my own since it’s not a lot of work. She insisted we we split the work so I agreed. I did my part, she was late with hers with some strange excuses revolving around getting stuck on it and needing to spend some extra time fixing parts of it.”

“When I went over her work I noticed she straight-up copied it all and didn’t even bother changing the original author’s name from the documents.

I confronted her about it saying that I literally suggested I do it on my own for the both of us instead of splitting the work. She denied everything, even when I mentioned it’s not her name on the docs she said she was just using some reference materials and must have accidentally copied it as is. Needless to say I refused to work with her professionally ever again, luckily she didn’t stick around for long afterwards anyway.

Brought it up shortly after with a mutual friend who straight up laughed and said that it sounds like her alright and that she even convinces herself in her own made up stories most of the time.

Pretty much stopped talking to her altogether after that since I couldn’t trust her not to screw us both over professionally, let alone be honest personally.”