People Are Sharing Why They Are Estranged From Their Parents

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“My parents had me super young (17 and 18) when they had me. They divorced when I was seven, and my dad was in the army so we didn’t see him very often due to him being stationed elsewhere. Growing up, we’d see him once a year. My mom was no better. She was still young when they divorced so all she wanted to do was party — which led to neglect of my brother and me.”

“She was physically and emotionally abusive and I never forgave her. She also put her boyfriends before us. As an adult, when I was pregnant with my first child, my mom and I were fighting pretty badly. I just vented and she still saw no wrong. As a mother, I cannot imagine treating my child like she treated my brother and me. As for my dad, he was absent and I used to idolize him. (I think it’s because those times I did see him, it was a break from my mom.) But he just bought our love with gifts. All he was was an absent parent and he knows nothing about me and makes zero effort. I’m tired of hearing ‘Oh, but they’re your parents.’ That doesn’t give them a pass at treating us like garbage.”