People Are Sharing The Dumbest Reasons They Didn’t Get Hired For A Job, And Some Of Them Really Dodged A Bullet


“This was one of my first ever job interviews for an office job: filing, data input, and stuff. It was in a typical building with some stairs leading up to the entrance and reception. Now, just outside the main doors was a sign saying ‘Visitors must wear plastic bags on their feet,’ with two boxes underneath, one containing a bunch of rubber bands and the other containing blue plastic bags. 17-year-old me dutifully placed a plastic bag on each foot, secured them with a rubber band, and headed in to the office for my interview.”

“I spoke to the receptionist and she told me to go down the hallway and take a seat. I did just this, and as I approached the seating area and the other applicants, I noticed that I was the only one wearing the mandatory plastic bags. ‘I’ve got this,’ I thought. ‘These fools can’t even follow simple instructions!’

Finally, it’s my turn. I enter the room and shake their hands. After a few questions the main interviewer stopped me and advised me that there was a building site next door. The construction workers are allowed to use this building’s facilities as long as they wear plastic bags on their feet.

This sort of registers with me, but as I’m young, scared, and have bags on my feet, I kind of just nod and don’t rip off the bags in utter embarrassment. After a short silence the interview continues but in a much more somber fashion. 

The interview ends, I leave the room and exit the building in a daze. Yes, I put the bag and bands back in their respective boxes and no, I didn’t get the job.”