People Are Sharing ‘Motivational’ Things Their Jobs Tried That Totally Backfired

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“Last year, I started working in a special school. It seemed friendly at first but they had an unusually high staff turnover rate. I figured it was just the nature of working in a special school, but the first sign things were off to me was when the ‘anonymous’ surveys on why we think we are losing staff turned out to not be anonymous. My boss later asked me to switch to a different position she couldn’t fill, and when I turned it down, her entire attitude towards me changed. The last three months of the year were spent with me getting bullied by my boss, being called into her office near-daily to be told that I’m toxic and she’s received a lot of complaints about me from coworkers, which was the opposite of what others told me.”

“A strange rumor even started that I was going to report a coworker to HR and when I assured the boss it wasn’t true and that I’d sort it out with the coworker ASAP and let her know it was just a rumor, she ordered me not to talk to said coworker. So, I’m pretty sure that she started that rumor, too. I soon found out this bullying was commonplace and that was the reason we were constantly losing staff. This has a happy ending though: She got fired at the end of the year, we have a new boss and administration staff this year and it’s gone from being one of the worst jobs I’ve worked to the best.”