Patrick Beverley And George Hill Were Tossed After A Pretty Mild Scuffle In Bucks-Wolves

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The Milwaukee Bucks traveled to Minnesota to take on the Timberwolves on Saturday afternoon, and it didn’t take long for tension to boil over and a pair of players to get ejected. During the first quarter of action, Karl-Anthony Towns found himself at the free throw line, and because he is pretty good at shooting the basketball, he converted both of his tries from the charity stripe.

After the second shot went in, Taurean Prince and Serge Ibaka got tangled up, which led to an Ibaka shove and the pair coming face-to-face. The two got separated by a referee as they jawed with one another, at which point Patrick Beverley ran in and shoved Ibaka, which led to George Hill shoving Beverley and a mild fracas breaking out.

Once things settled down, the referees went to the monitor, took a look at all of this, and assessed technical fouls to Ibaka and Prince. They were not given the strongest penalties for all of this, though, as Beverley and Hill were given double technicals and tossed from the game. While it did not seem like all that much happened here outside of some pushing and shoving, the referees determined that the pair were tossed for “exacerbating the altercation.”


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