Parents Confess Things They Hate Doing With Their Kids

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“It especially irks me when they want me to play pretend with them, and their sibling is RIGHT THERE — I specifically brought extra children into this world so you would have playmates! Their favorite game to play is ‘Daycare’ and I finally had to put a stop to it because that’s basically pretending to take care of kids, and that’s my actual job.” —hillaryf4afff6749

“I’m autistic, and so is my oldest is. She never wanted to do pretend play — we would play with blocks, color, solve puzzles, and read books, all things I love doing with them. Unfortunately, my youngest is all about pretend play. Luckily, he’s old enough to play on his own most times and he’s actually got his sister into pretend play, because I’m only able to handle it for a minute before I have to find something else to do.”—mysa

“My kids are older, and same! I’d be exhausted and sweaty, ready to book a solitary night in a hotel, and my daughter would come over and say, ‘Mommy, can we play Sandwich and Hamburger?’ Sandwich and Hamburger were two cats we’d ‘see’ on the side of the road, and we’d have to ‘take to them to the vet’ and ‘bring home,’ all with squeaky voices, meows, and drawn-out storylines. 

I loved the concept of it, but it would TAKE ME DOWN.” —merylblintz


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