‘Overdue ASSignment’: Hinge match writes 2-page essay with references to convince woman to go on a date

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A TikToker says that a man she matched with on Hinge sent her a two-page essay that included references to convince her to go out with him.

Paige Thoma (@paigehyness) posted a TikTok of her conversation with her Hinge match on June 3. In it, he says he will do his best to “change her mind about men,” and she tells him she’d like a summary of his “tactics.” He then asks her how many pages she’d like it to be, and Thoma says two pages with “at least” three “solid references.”

The TikToker then shows a screenshot of an email she received from the Hinge match with a Microsoft Word document attached.

“Thanks for the extension here’s the work,” Thoma’s Hinge match wrote in his email. He named the document “LATE ASSignment.”

On Tuesday, Thoma’s video had almost 370,000 views.

@paigehyness #greenscreen it’s wild out here in the streets #fyp #hinge #hingedating ♬ original sound – girls

In a follow-up video, Thoma said that her Hinge match’s report was “very original and very funny to read,” and that he sent her the report within two hours of her asking for it on Hinge.

“I did give him a B and did give him my phone number,” Thoma says in her second TikTok about the Hinge match, in which she shares part of the report. In the essay, her Hinge match talks about his past relationships and what he is currently looking for on the dating app.

Thoma also said that his grammar could have been better, and commenters on the videos agreed.

“The punctuation is nonexistent but we love the dedication,” @thale254 commented.

“Not the centered alignment though,” @0xymoronic wrote.

“Needs punctuation, but definitely had a good hook,” @jaelyncleveland commented.

Other commenters suggested Thoma edit her Hinge match’s report and send it back to him.

In a TikTok message to the Daily Dot, Thoma said that she’s been talking with the man consistently and that she doesn’t think he knows about the video she made about him. The pair are going on a date next week.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/hinge-date-essay/