Nickelback Soundtracked Walk-Ups For Los Angeles Angels Players In Their Game Against The Boston Red Sox

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The Los Angeles Angels were in a bit of a slump heading into their Wednesday night game against the Boston Red Sox. The team was in the midst of a 13-game losing streak that dated back to May 22 when they had a 4-1 win against the Oakland Athletics. As you would expect any team to do, the Angels sought out ways to finally get a win, and one way they came up with was to change the music that played for each player during their walk-ups. Prior to the game, the team announced that each player would walk up to different songs by Nickelback.

ESPN reporter Alden González revealed that the coaches made the decision in hopes of shaking things up for the team. Gonzalez also provided a list of the songs that would be played during the game and for which player. DH and pitcher Shohei Ohtani picked “Photograph,” right fielder Jordon Scott Adell selected “Rockstar,” first basemen Jared Walsh went with “How You Remind Me,” and third basemen Matt Duff picked “Someday.” Other songs that were selected by Angels players included “If Today Was Your Last Day” (Juan Lagares), “When We Stand Together” (Brandon March), “This Afternoon” (Jack Mayfield), “Animals” (Kurt Suzuki), and “What Are You Waiting For?” (Tyler Wade).

While the Angels’ attempt to cure their losing ways was quite ambitious, it proved to be unsuccessful as they fell to the Red Sox 0-1 for their fourteenth consecutive loss. But hey, at least they had some good humor about it as you can see in the tweet above.

You can see González’s initial report and the full list of songs for the Angels players’ walk-ups above.

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